Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because seven-eight-nine!

You may think that it’s just another hilarious pun and you would be right. But it’s also a metaphor for your money. In real life you don’t want to let your 7’s eat your 9’s.

Like when you spend a load of time cutting your expenses by $20 a month. Meanwhile you could have been doubling your business. 

That’s what I mean by letting your 7’s eat your 9’s.

You’ve probably tried to get your money in order before. You googled, you made a plan, you got started, and then you got stuck. The information was incomplete or it didn’t apply to your specific situation.

Since then your pile of receipts hasn’t gotten any smaller. They sit there, mocking you, whispering ‘overwhelmed‘ every time you walk by.

You don’t need to hire an expensive accountant to get your money in order. I’ve got a solution for you and best of all, it’s free. [My second favourite f word.]

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Get those receipts taken care of today and get some peace of mind. 

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